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Our services address our clients' needs -- working with our clients to assess, explore, and solve our clients' opportunities is how we are responsive and successful.



In today's evolving business environment, electronic collaboration within and among companies has emerged as a vital approach for business transformation. Companies know that sharing data and transacting electronically with customers, partners and vendors is critical to competitive advantage.

Collaborative document management and digital signatures are the cornerstones of creating a trusted environment to manage high-value business relationships.
Certezza offers a breadth of services to our clients that deliver the combined benefits of identity assurance and digital signatures that facilitate electronic document collaboration. They include:

  • Strategic Planning to deploy full-scale high-assurance identity credentials and digital signature technologies throughout the enterprise to deliver sustainable and measurable results.
  • Consulting Services to identify and implement electronic workflow solutions for critical business processes thereby reducing cycle times and process costs while enhancing the overall corporate risk profile and increasing ROI.
  • Collaborative Development to create innovative solutions that incorporate digital signature technologies for our clients products and services enhancements resulting in improved revenue opportunities.

There are four primary components to our engagements. Since each client is unique, each step will be catered to the needs of the client to conform with the accepted "best practices" of the respective industry, but more importantly those of the client. Consulting engagements typically include the following components:

Each of these aspects of how we approach engagement is defined below.

Business Assessment

To better understand the unique and specific needs of each client, we with internal client resources to perform a diagnostic assessment of the business and technology. Certezza Solutions will work with the client to help determine everything from readiness and feasibility to technology and business requirements associated with an Identity Management strategy that is suited to the specific goals of the client. Whether the focus is business cycle time reduction or enhancement of the corporate risk profile, we work diligently with the client to create the most effective and appropriate Identity Management strategy.

Program Management

Since Identity Management has far-reaching implications within an enterprise, it is critical to obtain buy-in from multiple areas and levels of the company. As such, Certezza Solutions is typically working with internal resources to manage multiple projects that converge towards a common goal with respect to the identity management strategy of the client. More often than not, these projects are at various stages or phases, have varying legacy implications, and involve multiple internal resources. Managing these phases and resources at various program lifecycle stages is a challenging task. Our Program Managers have extensive experience in managing the multiple resources with different levels of sophistication, expertise and experience toward a common goal. In particular, we have been very successful in assuming and managing the unenviable position of intermediary between Business and Technology to ensure both factions' requirements are gathered, understood, incorporated and delivered. This is of utmost importance to successful Identity program management.

Project Management

Certezza Solutions offers tactical project management services to ensure the success of the clients' Document and Identity Management strategies. Our Project Managers are task-oriented and focus on assimilating into the culture of the enterprise to ensure healthy communication and cooperation with internal resources. With decades of experience, our Project Managers are well equipped and prepared to adapt to internal standard operating procedures to ensure a smooth and minimally-intrusive project.


Certezza Solutions partners with our clients to assume joint responsibility for the execution of Document and Identity Management strategy implementations. Our reputation is our most important asset. As such, we are heavily vested in the success of a program and are therefore tremendously focused on execution. Through past experiences, with successes and failures alike, the partners and consultants at Certezza Solutions understand the work ethic and attention to detail that is required to execute a successful Identity Management strategy and delivering on promises to clients. It is critical that our clients understand our commitment to them and our high expectations for delivery.