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Our SQA Process Audit and Continuous Improvement methodology is used for optimizing your company's software quality assurance processes and outcomes.

SQA Process Audit and Continuous Improvement Services


Certezza Solutions' experts analyze your existing methodologies, policies and procedures (communication, testing, accountability, and engagement models), their efficiency, and your strengths and weaknesses in regard to delivering business/product objectives. Partnering with your leadership team, policy gaps will be identified and closed. As a result of our initial evaluation, you get recommendations on effective process restructuring and improvement. You are also advised on the optimal way to implement these improvements, taking into consideration your specific situation and needs.

The process of quality assurance (and its consistency with the software development process) to a great extent defines the quality of the end product, and can often affect timeframes, budget, and the scope of delivered functionality. Certezza Solutions recommends QA best practices specific to your industry, structure, personnel, and individual features, practices that will allow you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Our extensive pharmaceutical, medical device, software development and banking systems expertise allows us to tailor our approach to your situation.

SQA Process Audit and Improvement Phases

As a rule, the work is split into several phases:

  1. Situational analysis and recommendation formulation (no more than 3 weeks). After working with your leadership team, we will deliver a comprehensive report including remediation estimates.
  2. Development of policies, procedures and work practices appropriate to your industry, company and program situation.
  3. You may choose to have Certezza Solutions lead the implementation of recommendations, or provide supervision to your team as they implement process improvements
  4. Process feedback and refinement - working with your organization, newly implemented practices are evaluated and adjusted as necessary.
  5. Post-project debrief - we strive for customer satisfaction and have found that honest, open feedback provides all parties the opportunity to improve.

Certezza Solutions SQA Process Audit and Continuous Improvement Services fit any organization's needs.